Question: Is Candis Cayne, who plays Patrick's mistress, Carmelita, on Dirty Sexy Money, a woman (sure looks like one), a transvestite (I don't even know how to spell it) or a man (hard to believe)?
Answer: The most accurate term is transgendered. Candis Cayne (born, according to bio information, as Brendan McDaniel) is playing Carmelita as a woman, not as a man or a man in woman's clothes. What I love about this storyline is how seriously Patrick clearly cares for Carmelita. Their relationship isn't treated lightly, or as a smarmy dirty joke, and hasn't been written off like a cheap stunt. It's the real deal, and groundbreaking to boot. (Especially when you compare it to the "tranny hooker" storyline on the unwatchable Big Shots.)