Question: I've been hearing nothing but great things about Dirty Sexy Money, from critics and TV enthusiasts alike. People are in love with the Darling family. But I've watched several episodes and think this show is getting too much credit. These characters are drab and completely one-dimensional, and are given tired and simply uninteresting storylines. I do not understand what the hype is all about. The Darlings are boring, unauthentic and divisively colored. Then there's this show I've heard almost no buzz about: Cane, which features one of the most interesting and compelling families on TV this season. It's been completely overlooked. I've been keeping up with this gem of a show and I must say I'm surprised that no one is talking about it. Is anyone watching it? Am I the only one on the planet who has fallen in love with the Duque family? Do you also think Dirty Sexy Money is completely overrated while Cane is underappreciated?
Answer: Anyone trumpeting Dirty Sexy Money as the best new show of the fall is no doubt overrating it, but I've been enjoying it as a guilty pleasure, though I would understand why it would irritate anyone with a low threshold for camp. It's not for everybody. Meanwhile, I've tried several times to get into Cane, but I keep wondering where the fire is. It's such an earnest attempt to revive the old-fashioned family saga, albeit with a refreshing Latino flavor, which unfortunately hasn't translated to much on-screen heat. This is a show I wish I liked more, but I can see why it's fading fast on an otherwise successful night for CBS. Neither show is a blazing success in a fall that has generally underperformed on all fronts, but Cane is probably on shakier ground than Dirty Sexy Money when it comes to completing the season — if, in fact, the season is allowed to come to its natural conclusion at all this year. There is a theory regarding prime-time soaps that they often take a while to develop and hit their stride, so CBS probably ought to be patient with this one. Comparing the two shows, however, is a little off-point because they take such a different tone in telling their stories. Both are soaps about wealthy families, but one takes it very seriously while the other is, for the most part, a total goof.