Question: I'm really enjoying Dirty Sexy Money, but while I've always enjoyed Jill Clayburgh, I can't help thinking she's been miscast on the show. She plays her character as though she's been in a Valium-induced haze for the last 30-plus years, and I don't think that's the intention of the writers. I think someone like Susan Sullivan would've been much stronger and believable in the part. Your thoughts?
Answer: I don't really agree, much as I adore Susan Sullivan, who no doubt would have brought a campier panache to the role. But not only is Jill Clayburgh age-appropriate, I think her attitude is perfect for Letitia, a woman who has been almost mummified by privilege and who has lived for years in the pain of an unacknowledged love affair. There is an emotional shell around her, for sure, more fueled by alcohol than pills, I'd think, but I don't look at this as ennui. I love the scenes she shares with Donald Sutherland. There's real affection there, but also a lot of hurt. This couple helps ground some of the sillier things that are going on around their crazy family.