Question: You are always digging at the cast of The 4400, to the point that I can't get past my curiosity about whatever it is that you mean. Certainly you aren't referring to Patrick Flueger (who can bring me to tears, and is so pretty that it doesn't matter anyway), or M. Ali (who infuses his character with the dignity of a pre-civil rights era black man). And certainly you don't mean Conchita Campbell, who is one of the best child actors I've seen on TV for a while. OK. Maybe you're referring to Joel Gretsch, whose two notes, intense and angry, do get a bit tiresome. P.S.: I loved the last few seconds of the finale with naked Isabelle and bummed-out Jordan. Heh.
Answer: I really wasn't trying to single anyone out, but just about everyone you mentioned contributes to what to me is an overall bland earnestness in the regular cast. (Probably the worst offender, when talking about the show's generic nature, was the new female boss brought in to NTAC, a pale shadow of what Alberta Watson brought to La Femme Nikita and, later, 24.) Flueger did get better as the show went on, and his scenes with Campbell in quarantine were effective. But generally speaking, there's almost no one in the 4400 ensemble to whom I've given even a second thought since the show went off the air a few weeks ago.