Question: I was such a die-hard fan of Project Runway until the episode when they kicked off Alison instead of Vincent. To make decisions based on drama (Vincent and Angela) and not on talent (Alison and Michael) just turned me off. I find Tim Gunn's explanation of kicking Keith off for having pattern books a joke now. There is no integrity on that show when they send away someone who has far more talent than that boy. I can already foresee kooky Vincent making it to the final three because they need another Wendy Pepper or Santino Rice to become the talentless underdog who causes drama every week.
Answer: I agree that Vincent should have been booted instead of Alison — and even worse in my mind was robbing Jeffrey of the win that week, favoring Michael's blander design. But I don't see Vincent as anywhere near as dynamic a love-to-hate character as Santino or Wendy. He is bizarre, and maybe the judges are just fascinated by him for some reason. Still, I don't feel nearly as manipulated as I did when Santino was kept on way too long, and even then, I wouldn't dream of giving up on the show. As for kicking off Keith: I totally bought it. No way would the judges or producers have wanted him to leave that early, not with that talent (and that attitude). He broke the rules, and while I don't know enough about design to understand why pattern books give someone a big advantage, it clearly means something to the contestants. So while I'd never accuse any reality show of having a surplus of integrity, I have to applaud Project Runway for sticking to its guns — or Gunn, I suppose — this time.