Question: What you think of the new season of Desperate Housewives? So far it's been an enjoyable surprise to me. It may not be (and probably won't ever be) as solid as the first season, but I have found it much more enjoyable than Grey's Anatomy lately, especially any scenes between Marcia Cross and Dana Delany. Also, I recently started watching Friday Night Lights, and I've read about all the disdain for the Tyra-Landry storyline. Personally, it has been my favorite storyline so far. Adrienne Palicki and Jesse Plemons are terrific, especially in the last scene of the second episode. Do you really think the murder subplot takes away from the show?
Answer: On Desperate Housewives: I wholeheartedly agree. Dana Delany is the best thing to happen to Wisteria Lane in quite a while, and her simmering rivalry with Marcia Cross' Bree is great fun. The show itself has generally become a lot more watchable (though still uneven), and I'm actually finding myself looking forward to it most Sundays. As for Friday Night Lights, I didn't throw as big a hissy fit about the murder subplot as some critics, but I do think there's cause for concern. The show is a drama, not a slice-of-life documentary, so I accept the need for these wonderful and relatable characters to get caught up in big and possibly even sensational storylines at times. But this just feels so contrived, in a made-for-TV way that violates the tone of the series, that even while it gives the actors something juicy to play (and they're making the most of it), it also takes your head outside the reality of Dillon, Texas, and that is something this show can ill afford.