Question: I have enjoyed your take on the nightly TV offerings and agree for the most part. I wondered what you thought about the return of ABC's Sunday night, particularly Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. I really thought DH was back in good form with some great twists and an intriguing new family. It is nice to have Marcia Cross back full-time and keeping Kyle MacLachlan around as her husband was a smart move. I really enjoyed B&S more, though. Sally Field showed exactly why she won that Emmy. Her range of comedy to drama was outstanding. What a great matriarch to build this show around. I thought the episode was a little busy with all the plot points, but what a great season it set up. I am really looking forward to what the Walkers have in store for us.
Answer: Can't argue with anything here. I enjoyed both season premieres quite a bit, and like most of last season, I found Brothers & Sisters ultimately more satisfying than Housewives, though that episode had quite a bit to commend it. Love the addition of Dana Delany and Nathan Fillion, and while she's obviously harboring a dark secret, at least there's no one trapped in the basement. Felicity Huffman is making the most of her cancer storyline. Now if they could only fix the Susan-Mike problem — and I'm not sure a baby is going to do it. She's so annoying, and he's so boring. Can this marriage be fixed? On the other hand, while the Brothers & Sisters premiere was awfully overstuffed, I was both amused and moved by most of the storylines. And the acting on this show, by and large, is simply terrific.