Question: I'm confused as to why Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, a show with "dance" in its very title, is giving the winning team a "recording contract"! I know the dancers had to be able to sing, and in fact some singers who weren't great dancers were chosen because it was thought they could more easily brush up their dancing than could good dancers who couldn't sing (which, in the main, has proved true). But why a recording contract? And how do they do that for a team? Are they going to record group singing now? What if the winners are better dancers than singers? As Pooh would say, "Oh bother," because it is bothering me.
Answer: Oh bother, indeed. You should be more concerned about the time you wasted watching this loser. Dance War was one of the new year's most pathetic reality contests, and that's saying something. The competition made no sense, for the very reason you point out. Was this about rewarding dancing or singing? From what I could tell, zipping through the finale (I'd bailed long before then) to get to the Dancing with the Stars cast announcement, neither team was particularly distinguished at either. Dancing with the Stars can't return soon enough to banish the memory of this misbegotten spinoff.