Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli, Dance War
Question: Criminy! Are they kidding? I was willing to give Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann a shot because I respect them and was looking forward to something new while waiting for the strike to end. What was I treated to this week? A 30-minute recap of last week's 90-minute show. Sorry, judges, you lost me. The show's producers have shown a complete lack of respect for the viewers' time. I'd rather watch American Gladiators than another 30-minute recap.
Answer: For me, Dance War arguably got even worse when the recap ended. What an awful show, and this is coming from someone who generally and genuinely enjoys Dancing with the Stars. The new competition looks like something you'd see on amateur night at high school. The singing is mostly awful, the dancing is lame, and very few individual personalities have yet emerged from this ill-conceived team competition. A bad idea, poorly executed. And by casting these judges as cheerleaders, the show sorely lacks an objective critic to give these young so-called "talents" a reality check. This is a pathetic place-holder between seasons of Dancing with the Stars, and I hope it doesn't dim interest in the next cycle by overexposing these two blowhard judges in such an unflattering and inane light.