Question: I am so pleased with the programming offered this summer. In fact, I think a lot of this summer's shows are better than the regular fall lineup (with a few exceptions). Wouldn't it be interesting if next year's Emmy nominations were filled with more summer candidates than fall ones? I can't believe the acting from the likes of Damages, The Kill Point, Mad Men, Big Love, Californication, etc would be overlooked. In the past, they've thrown a bone to a few summer favorites, recognizing Monk, The Closer and Weeds. But there are only so many spots available. I think the writers and producers of this fall's programming had better step it up a notch. What do you think the chances are that next year's Emmy nominations will be filled with a lot of these summer hits instead of fall shows?
Answer: It would be gratifying, but don't hold your breath beyond some of the no-brainers (like, say, Glenn Close). I'm thinking newfangled miniseries like Kill Point, The Bronx Is Burning and The Company may make the cut because of the relative dearth of competition in that field. But in the series categories, many of these newbies will have been off the air for so long by the time the nominations roll around, plus the sheer tonnage of potential nominees during the regular season is so formidable, that the summer series will face an uphill climb. This is especially true for a network as new to the game as AMC is (although its original movie Broken Trail did very well in the nominations this year). So anything's possible, and where Mad Men is concerned, I hope it gets noticed. I agree, though. This summer has been so terrific I'd love to see some of these upstarts upstage the big guns.