Question: In your last two columns, two different people have ranked Farscape over Battlestar Galactica as the best show ever on Sci Fi. Although I loved Farscape, and realize it ran four seasons and a miniseries to Galactica's one and a half seasons to date, I believe Battlestar is the superior show. What do you think?
Answer: Frack and frell — how in the world do you expect me to answer that question and live to tell about it? No way am I alienating either of those camps. Actually, it's a pretty easy question to duck, because the shows are so entirely different. Farscape, which put Sci Fi on the map as a serious player in the original-production biz, was a fabulous escape. Whereas with Battlestar, you often feel trapped in the grim action. If you take your sci-fi (literally) seriously, then Battlestar's the show. If it's a wondrously entertaining and wild ride you're seeking, Farscape's the ticket. But I love both shows, and think they're equal when it comes to ambition and sustained execution. Just because I understand more of what's going on in Galactica doesn't necessarily make it a "superior" show.