Question: I'm just wondering how summer television (specifically The Closer, Burn Notice and Army Wives) will be affected by the strike? Also, will the fall TV shows air originals during the summer, or will they end abruptly and pick up where they left off in the fall?
Answer: If I knew, I'd tell you. But I'm not a fortune-teller, so the answer, as it is with most strike-related issues, is: We have to wait and see. If the strike goes on too long into the new year, it will affect the production start dates of series that were planned for the summer, and their runs may also be affected. What happens after that is anyone's guess. As for the network prime-time shows that have been airing since fall: Again, it depends on how many episodes they'll be able to produce once the strike is over and how soon they'll be ready to air. It's possible some regular-season shows could run into the summer, but everything hinges on when everyone can get back to work.