Question: I'm just wondering how summer television (specifically The Closer, Burn Notice and Army Wives) will be affected by the strike? Also, will the fall TV shows air originals during the summer or will they end abruptly and pick up where they left off in the fall?
Answer: I wish I had a better answer than this: I don't know. This is such murky, uncharted terrain that I can't answer these sorts of questions with any authority. In the case of Burn Notice, I was told recently by someone at USA Network that the second summer season was projected to have started production sometime around the end of this month, so it's still remotely possible that the summer season can be salvaged if the strike is over within the next month or so. If it drags into spring, that will spell trouble. And as concerned as I am about TV in the back half of this messy season, I am even more anxious about whether we'll be able to enjoy a TV summer as fruitful as last year, with Burn Notice, Mad Men, Damages, Army Wives, as well as The Closer, Psych, Monk and so on. As for whether ongoing shows from the fall season will air new episodes into the summer if things get back on track late in the season: Again, it all depends on when the strike is settled. The determination of how many episodes to produce for each series could be made case-by-case, as if the situation isn't already confusing enough.