Question: Is their any chance that 'Til Death will be renewed for next season and possibly paired up with the new sitcom starring Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer? Since Heaton and Grammer are so well-known for the characters that they have played on other series, what are the chances that their new show will be successful? Sure, they have name recognition, and perhaps people will tune in to watch the first week. Will those viewers accept the actors in their new roles, or will they expect to see Frasier Crane and Debra Barone?
Answer: Case in point regarding the previous question: 'Til Death is now looking more and more like a contender for renewal, thanks in large part to the ratings spike that occurred once it was scheduled behind the American Idol results show on Wednesdays. And given the fact that 'Til Death is something of a star vehicle, with the Brad Garrett-Joely Fisher squabbling the primary reason to tune in, it probably would be a good fit with the star-driven Grammer-Heaton Action News project, which presumably would also be a traditionally produced sitcom, with audience, laugh track, etc. There's no way to know, just because of the casting, if Action News will work or click with viewers. It can't be just because of the stars. The show also has to be funny. Stars are promotable, but how many comebacks have stalled because the show itself was a loser? We'll just have to wait and see.