Question: I like the cavemen commercials, too. I never watch sitcoms; I mostly stick to news programs and the History and Discovery channels. The last sitcom I watched was ALF, and I'm 61 years old now. I'm just trying to figure out what time it's coming on.
Answer: So funny, I was just doing a Fall Preview presentation the other day and someone likened Cavemen to ALF as a show that may be seemingly so dumb it's smarter than it looks and that could end up staying on the air (in ALF's case, for four seasons) much longer than anyone would have expected. I had "no problem" with ALF myself — in fact, for several years I had a miniature ALF attached to my computer terminal at work for some reason — but ALF had no pretensions of being anything but silly, goofy fun. Cavemen, at least from the original pilot we've screened (to be replaced by another we haven't seen yet), is aiming to be something of a racial allegory, which is just about as crudely distasteful as it is unfunny. I'll be curious to see if they tone down that aspect of the show and if there's anything left in this one-joke concept.