Question: You and every other critic warned us that Cavemen was horrible, but I decided to check it out anyway. I imagined it as a traditional comedy that just used the cavemen issue for the occasional good joke. In fact, I thought it would be just as silly but as fun as Dinosaurs was in the early '90s. But instead of a show that acknowledged its silly gimmick, I found a show that actually thinks it is genius. I felt like the people behind the show were screaming, "Look at us! We are quirky! We are original! Admire us for our imaginative, offensive-to-none look at social problems! We are a serious show but still have a sense of humor!" Everyone knows that if you have to tell someone you have a serious side or a sense of humor, you don't have either. On the plus side, it made Carpoolers look really funny.
Answer: That's the first time I've seen Carpoolers and "really funny" in the same sentence. And hopefully the last. (And how bummed were you to learn that Cavemen is now set in San Diego?) Let's also hope the decent sampling for these so-called comedies in their first week was just an aberration and now that everyone who cares has seen how dreadfully unfunny they are (not to mention Cavemen also being repugnant and unpleasant), they'll slide into the obscurity that greets most ABC comedies these days. I agree that Cavemen would have been better off going for the silly (think ALF), not trying to act "smart," which failed miserably. It's easily the worst show of the fall season, and that's saying something.