Question: We watched the first Cashmere Mafia and were appalled! Shouldn't someone in this show be likable? Watchable, at least? I was even more shocked when I looked up the cast online. No surprise with Lucy Liu, always interesting, but a bit too much shtick. Miranda Otto! She was so hot in Lord of the Rings, but here.... eh. Give her a sword and breastplate, please. Bonnie Somerville: a singer. Should have been a bold move, but comes off so-so. Frances O'Connor: much more interesting in Bedazzled. So four capable women leading a show... and it is unwatchable. Last night I had the TV muted and was reading something when I noticed this show was on. Watching some of it, I found I liked it better with the sound off. I could enjoy the beautiful women and the pricey outfits without the manic pace and storyline to get in the way.
Answer: And wait till you get a load of NBC's equally dreadful Lipstick Jungle next week. (As I joke in an upcoming review, I'm personally holding out for Mascara Posse, figuring these things must come in threes.) Yes, watching this with the sound off sounds like the way to go. But if you're into fashion, you should really be watching Project Runway in the same period instead. It at least has entertaining characters, a pace and a point. The biggest problem with this winter's Sex and the City knockoffs is that they miscalculate the audience's fascination with the mega-successful. Why we loved Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha was that they were still carving out their niche in the world — plus they had terrific chemistry and appeared to actually like each other. They weren't smug "mistresses of the universe." To watch the pampered, overprivileged "heroines" of Mafia and Jungle whine about their sorry, hollow lives is about as pleasant as drinking a vinegar martini.