Question: I've watched the first two episodes of Burn Notice and am enjoying it much more than I expected to. Michael's forays into the feeling world, after years as a spy, are interesting, and I really enjoy the MacGyver aspect of his quick thinking and gadgets. I was wondering what you think of the show. It seems to be flying under the radar. Are others out there enjoying it as much as I am?
Answer: So far, it seems that they are. The show not only opened well but (rare for cable in summer) held on to its audience the second week. I now think I was too dismissive of the show when I gave it a mini-review a few weeks ago. I liked the star and the premise but felt the show was lacking a certain polish, panache and energy. I've seen a few episodes since and am still not blown away, but I can see why people have taken to it. USA Network has really cornered the market on quirky, funny crime-solvers, and Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) continues the tradition just fine. I'll be keeping an eye on this one, but right now it's still something less than a must-see for me.