Question: I love Burn Notice! It's so funny (I especially like the way they introduce new characters), and the stories are really smart. I have one question for you. Make that two: What is the significance of the yogurt? Every time Michael or Fi grab something to eat, it's yogurt, and there have been a few comments about the yogurt as well. If you know or find out the backstory on that, I'd love to hear it. My second question is: Why isn't Burn Notice coming back until next summer? It seems like a long time to wait for new episodes and I'm concerned it will lose viewers. A show this good shouldn't get canceled anytime soon.
Answer: Don't fret over the long hiatus. Burn Notice is a keeper. It opened up an entirely new night (Thursday) for original programming for USA Network, which sees it as an asset to be protected and not "burned" out, so to speak. For the moment, as with other hot cable series like The Closer, new episodes will primarily air only in the summer, with plenty of promotion. And the appetite for the show will likely only grow in the interim. I know I'll be back. As for the yogurt: It's healthy, they're healthy, and you think people this gorgeous gorge over at the neighborhood Cold Stone Creamery? I think not. If I do learn that there's more significance to the yogurt (like the running gag of pineapples on Psych, which the producers merely think is funny: no deep meaning), I promise I'll share.