Question: Recently you've been letting the world know how great a show Dexter is. I think Hugh Laurie is incredible in House, but if Michael C. Hall doesn't win an Emmy for dramatic male performance, I have to believe that Emmy voters have never themselves acted. The man is a revelation. What I want to talk about, though, is Brotherhood, the show that follows Dexter. No one ever talks about it, even though it is better than 98 percent of all other television shows, from Annabeth Gish's powerful performance in Season 1 to Ethan Embry's hometown cop who is spiraling out of control this season. Please, please give Brotherhood some much needed publicity.
Answer: Consider it done. And to be fair, I did include Brotherhood in my recent roundup of pay-cable dramas, but it's kind of hard not to lead with Dexter, which is what Showtime is doing in its promotions as well. Brotherhood is a great show that somehow has become as marginalized as The Wire is over on HBO. Like The Wire, it has a tremendous sense of place (Providence, Rhode Island) as it digs deep into a complex family that straddles the city's political and criminal cultures. I highly recommend fans still mourning The Sopranos to check out the first-season DVD of Brotherhood; I bet they'll want to come aboard during this second season. You're also right that Ethan Embry is stealing the top acting honors this season as the deeply troubled Declan. Another great performance the Emmy brain trust is likely to overlook next year.