Question: Am I the only one wondering how a good (perhaps "great" would be too strong a word) sitcom like My Boys is sitting on TBS? I missed it last season, but I watched the all-day marathon last weekend and I must say I'm impressed. I set my TiVo to catch Season 2. Meanwhile, I've only got three sitcoms on my list to watch so far this fall. With the networks obviously struggling to fill their schedules with good comedies, how do ones like My Boys or Psych fall to cable?
Answer: Why ask why? TBS has rebranded itself as a comedy network (mostly on the back of syndicated sitcoms), and part of that strategy is to develop a few signature comedies of its own. For now, My Boys is the only one that's truly worth recommending (The Bill Engvall Show being mildly mediocre, and Tyler Perry's House of Payne verging on the excruciatingly unwatchable). The fact is that the qualitative lines between network and cable have been blurred for quite a while (Psych, and more recently the clever Burn Notice, being direct descendants of USA Network's breakthrough with Monk). The best news about good shows making their mark on cable networks is that, with few exceptions, they're guaranteed at least a full-season initial run, and if they generate any buzz and decent ratings (by cable standards), chances are good for an even longer run.