Question: I was bored to tears this evening trying to find something on the good old satellite when I happened to notice a show called Kyle XY on ABC. The info button said it was the series pilot, so I gave it a go and was actually quite surprised. I had never seen or heard anything about it and really liked the sci-fi mystery. The acting may not have been on a level of, let's say, Lost, but all in all it was worth my hour. The writing seemed fairly good, and the scene with Kyle and the son in the bathroom was actually quite priceless. Have you seen this at all, and if so, am I way off base? If I'm not, maybe you can pass along the tip to the person who was concerned that there was absolutely nothing to watch on the Big Four over the summer.
Answer: Yeah, Kyle XY kind of slipped in under my radar as well. But it's there now. To clarify matters, this was actually produced for basic cable, and original episodes first air on ABC Family on Monday nights. But these same episodes are currently airing on ABC on Fridays, giving the network something fresh (reminiscent of when Monk repeats aired on ABC for a while, the network having passed on the show initially). The first airing of Kyle did very well for both ABC channels, and for good reason. It's a great premise, even if the execution and especially most of the acting is, to put it generously, amateurish. Kyle himself is very appealing — this mysterious savant-like adolescent who showed up naked in the woods, unaware of his past, minus a belly button (so how was he born?), curious about human customs and behaviors as he tries to fit in with a new family that regards him as an alien or an overgrown newborn. I like the mix of sci-fi elements with family drama and comedy. Far from a great show, but more than suitable as a summer diversion. And judging from how well it launched, it looks like a keeper.