Question: How do you think Bones will fare in the ratings? I see it recently averaged around the eight million mark. I'm glad it won't be up against Dancing with the Stars every week! However, it does compete with the well-established NCIS and now the two ABC comedies Cavemen and Carpoolers, which for me have no appeal. Bones doesn't get the media blitz that some other Fox shows do, like House and Prison Break. I'm concerned it will spend another season as an underrated show. Shouldn't Fox be putting a few more bucks into promoting a series with such heart and humor, one that is well-crafted and has a terrific ensemble cast with great chemistry? I enjoy the pairing of Bones and House, but I know American Idol is looming in the background, waiting to snatch away its time slot. Having a short break for baseball after only three episodes doesn't exactly help build the fan base, either. So what do you think Bones' chances are in its third season?
Answer: Bones is probably never going to be a signature hit for Fox, and promotion has little to do with it, though it's a constant complaint from fans. The show has settled into a comfortable if marginal niche, and I agree that it's perfectly suited as a companion for House. Its irreverent attitude is also right at home on Fox. The biggest problem right now is probably that it's going head-to-head with the mainstream smash NCIS, which skews older but draws a much bigger crowd. Both are in many ways a variation on the same theme: grisly crime drama leavened with doses of humor, banter and various sorts of sexual/romantic tension. In the bigger picture, I understand that Fox's track record with nurturing shows isn't great, but for as long as Bones has been on, I've had to keep bringing fans down from the ledge. Nothing I've seen or heard has ever led me to think this show is in any sort of danger (except maybe for the recurring threats to move it to Fridays, which hasn't happened yet), and it's in its third season, so why think they'll pull the plug now? Unless I hear anything to the contrary, I'll just keep telling everyone to relax. Which doesn't mean that more people shouldn't be watching. It deserves to be a bigger success, but Bones is hardly alone in that.