Question: So the bomb has dropped on what's been, personally, expected for months — that the Palladino wife-and-husband team, Amy and Daniel, are leaving Gilmore Girls. Part of me is sad. She created this brilliant show and the pair have probably written over half the episodes. But part of me is hopeful that someone on the Gilmore writing/producing team will hopefully be able to turn the show around, after this lackluster season, for its supposed last hurrah! What do you think of this whole event?
Answer: My gut reaction is sadness, that it's a shame that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino won't see this show, which is such a singular vision and which is so entwined with their voices, through to its natural conclusion. (Which I have to think will be a year from now. The fact that they appear to have been holding out for a two-year extension can only be characterized as hubris.) Gilmore Girls has been such an oddball show this season. I love it — the tone, the language, the characters — until they actually try to tell a story, at which point it all falls apart. The mother-daughter estrangement, Luke's surprise daughter, their postponed wedding, the tiresome Rory-Logan relationship — all are pretty poisonous to one's enjoyment of the show. But could any other show-runners have contrived a marvelous sequence like Lane's double wedding (one Buddhist) and multiple receptions? I doubt it. And in the same episode, when Michel made a crack to Lorelai that "I don't want my reflection [meaning Lorelai] to look like Judy Garland — the Mark Herron years," I laughed out loud, marveling that even Frasier and Niles Crane would have been impressed by that arcane, supergay reference. They will be missed, and it's possible Gilmore Girls without the Palladinos will be like West Wing without Aaron Sorkin (at least until recently). But all things considered, this change could also provide Gilmore Girls with a fresh perspective to allow the show to regroup as it approaches the end, which might not be such a bad thing.

Here's this from Ethan, who wrote in praising last week's episode (notably written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino): "We need to savor her effortless comedic wit and timing for these last episodes. With the recent news that she and her husband, Dan, are leaving, I'm worried. My question is: What do you think will happen to Gilmore Girls? Can we rule out its ending on a high note, or is there a chance that it can go out on top? This show has everything and I'm worried that once the Palladinos leave, its quality will go." This is a very valid concern, but for many, its quality of late has been a matter of no small controversy. In some ways, I'm sorry this wasn't the final season, and that Amy and Dan aren't going out with a flourish with Luke and Lorelai getting married and everyone, including fans, living happily ever after. Instead, they're leaving the show and we're left anticipating a new season on a new network with regret and ambivalence.