Question: Why is everyone bemoaning the renewal of Jake in Progress? If John Stamos did go to ER, he would have little opportunity to showcase his charm and comic talents on that depressing snoozefest. I liked the few episodes of Jake that I saw. Stamos was surrounded by a stellar supporting cast and benefited from some witty and polished writing.
Answer: I liked John Stamos more than I liked Jake. The show reminded me what a charismatic TV star he can be, given the right material. And from what I've heard, Jake may improve from some new, behind-the-scenes creative blood tweaking the show a bit. If so, then the yelps of puzzled surprise that greeted the show's unexpected renewal may subside when Jake returns midseason (at the moment, scheduled on Mondays post-football). It's true that ER has squandered many of its opportunities lately, when even the gifted Linda Cardellini of Freaks and Geeks is rendered dull and glum. But since ER isn't going away anytime soon, I had welcomed the prospect of Stamos joining the show. Expectations for Jake are middling, and ER would have at least guaranteed him a long-term job.