Question: I really love your reviews. Thanks for your insight. For me, the summer show to watch is TV Guide Network's America's Next Producer. I have fallen head over heels with the first two episodes and am smitten with Sharon Nash. She is hilarious, confrontational and a character. Her project last week, the reality-show pitch about running out of time to have kids, was brilliant. She was so funny and charismatic. What did you think?
Answer: Well, she won that challenge, and I was one of the judges, so obviously you and I agree on that one. (By the way, thanks for the shout-out to our little show; I promise I didn't plant this one.) Sharon's a "character," to be sure, and always took us by surprise with her attitude during the Q&As. But she's also an unpredictable wild card who, when given a real chance to lead (without the peculiar circumstances that let her star in her own show), dropped the ball so noticeably we had no choice but to bounce her from this week's round. (For more of my week-to-week thoughts about America's Next Producer, check out my judges' diary blog.)