Question: I found it interesting that you had a question recently about not being able to gather around the metaphorical watercooler to discuss popular TV shows. I am finding that, due to how much TV programming is available these days, it is impossible for me to find someone to talk about my favorite shows with, except for the ultra-popular shows like Grey's Anatomy. Case in point, I know of nobody besides me who watches Aliens in America on the CW. I started watching it because Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls was on it, and I was missing Stars Hollow immensely. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The cast is great, especially the overprotective mom played by Amy Pietz. The writing is solid, intelligent and funny. The "Rocket Club" episode, where Justin pretends to be in an after-school club to watch sexy movies with his friends, was classic! I also give this show credit for tackling the issue of how Muslims are treated in the post-9/11 world. When's the last time you remember seeing a Muslim character on TV who wasn't a torturer or a terrorist? Not many Americans would put the word "comedy" and "Muslim" in the same sentence, but Raja is a great character, and even though the jokes center on Justin and his family, he has his moments when he is very funny. I was wondering if you have heard any buzz about this show. I seem to recall that it got some good buzz before the season began, but I've heard nothing since. Has anyone else shared an opinion about it? Have you seen it, and, if so, what do you think of it? What are its chances for a second season?
Answer: If you can find a watercooler where they're discussing Aliens in America, let me (or more importantly, the CW) know. The show was struggling on Mondays and is now dying on Sundays. Consider this a bid to get the word out that it has moved. The show did get a fair amount of attention before its premiere in large part because of the my-new-best-friend-is-a-Muslim novelty. In what I've seen since, I kind of agree that Amy Pietz is one of the main reasons to watch. She really nails that Midwestern accent (she comes by it naturally). I find the show to be sweet and mostly funny, with a fresh twist you won't find in other family/teen comedies, but it has fallen off just about everyone's radar, especially since the move. Its chances of survival are obviously slim, but you never know with a weblet like the CW.