Question: I actually have two unrelated questions. First, as someone who has recently been converted to a fan of Entourage by Jeremy Piven's hysterical performance (I've been a fan of his since the late, lamented Cupid), I'd like to know what you think his chances are of winning an Emmy are. Second question: I agree with those who think Battlestar Galactica is a very good show. It's the second-best thing Sci Fi has ever done (behind only Farscape). However, I find the show unrelentingly grim and have a hard time watching sometimes. Do you think the tone of the show might endanger its chances of a long run? A little levity would go a long way, I think.
Answer: First, Piven. Yes, I think he has an excellent chance. His was a true breakout performance in a show whose buzz is steadily building during a time when Emmy ballots are in play. He deserves it (although I'd also love Peter Boyle to get an Emmy finally and complete the Raymond cast's sweep), and I predict he'll win. As for Galactica, I hear from naysayers all the time who find it too dark, unpleasant and even boring. Tough luck. The show is what it is, and what keeps me watching and interested is the way it sustains its fatalistic tone and mood. It is an intense and uncompromised series, the way Farscape was unprecedented in its fearless embrace of wild, comic, character-rich fantasy. It couldn't hurt to lighten up a bit, I guess, but I worry about any obvious comic-relief "stunt" that would even momentarily disrupt the show's momentum.