Question: You actually know for a fact that you'll be watching Grey's Anatomy and playing back CSI before you even know what the episodes will be? That feels like a plot-driven statement to me. And nice change of tune — I thought CSI was supposed to be scared of GA. Now it's unlikely that GA will beat it? I could have told you that, 'cause yes, I'll be watching CSI live and not watching GA at all. Holds no interest for me. Grissom is my McDreamy.
Answer: Yes, as I noted earlier, I do believe that on most weeks, I'll be watching Grey's live and playing back CSI afterward. This has a lot to do with viewing tendencies in my household, which is pretty devoted to both shows. (And Grey's story lines are the sort of thing that I don't want to come to work on Friday without having seen. CSI isn't quite so urgent that way, at least not usually.) The Grey's vs. CSI battle is one of the season's most interesting stories, but honestly, I have no interest in the opinion of CSI fans who hold Grey's in contempt, or vice versa. My feeling is that while there will be considerable overlap of the audience (as in my household), the shows are different enough that each will find its audience and both can succeed in the same time period. As for "nice change of tune," I wasn't the one who initially referred to CSI as the underdog. That was us quoting CBS, which was being a bit disingenuous in its statements to the press. No one really expects Grey's to clobber CSI. On the contrary. My main concern is that there is room for both.