Question: As much as I absolutely love Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls and Monk, I can't help but think that they are not comedies. These shows are a new breed and, if I can go so far as to say this, more sophisticated than traditional comedy and drama series. They mix laugh-out-loud humor and heartbreaking drama, and don't focus too much on either genre. My question, though, is that while the Emmys are too long, they need to recognize these gems as dramedy series and avoid mixing them with true dramas (24, Lost) or true comedy (Everybody Loves Raymond, Arrested Development). Why can't they make room, and do you agree?
Answer: Sorry, but the last thing the Emmys needs is yet another division or subcategory to confuse matters. The biggest problem is that shows that refuse to let themselves be pigeonholed or labeled as comedy, drama, whatever, run the risk of falling through the cracks of the nomination process (again, Gilmore Girls is the most frustrating example, but that's more likely a function of WB's inability to be taken seriously). The Emmys are hardly perfect, but there's no easy fix here. I just can't imagine anyone being satisfied with an "outstanding dramedy" trophy on the mantel.