Question: You've recently had several questions regarding Heroes and how the characters feel about their powers, especially Niki. I completely agree with your assessment that the heroes are learning, and some are more comfortable than others with their abilities. I imagine that Christopher Eccleston's character will bring a new outlook. I've read on that he has had his powers for a while and is comfortable with them and with who he is. Do you see his character influencing the characters he meets? Does he help them become more aware or more comfortable, possibly even proud? Also, are you looking forward to this amazing British actor joining the cast? I am.
Answer: All of your questions/theories are good ones, and I hope they come to pass as Claude makes his presence known to the other heroes, although I'm also hoping that there will always be some ambivalence among the heroes — that makes good drama. I enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who (and in the sensational horror film 28 Days Later), so I am more than happy to see another seasoned actor join a cast that could use a few.