Question: Why are you always criticizing CSI: Miami? Granted, it isn't as good as the original (which actually had a down year last year). And Caruso's acting is something you have to learn to tolerate. (I wonder if the script actually says, "Put hands on hips.") But on the whole, the show is quite entertaining. One of its strong suits is the backup players. I love Callie and Delko. If you want to bash a CSI show, try the horrid NY version. I can't even stand to watch it, and I'm a huge Gary Sinise fan; that tells you how bad it is. The exaggerated New York accents and the stilted acting are unbearable. I predict it will be the first incarnation of CSI to get canceled.
Answer: Tell that to the original Law & Order, which had to move to Fridays to get away from the CSI juggernaut, even the subpar NY edition. The reason I criticize the Miami version from time to time is because it's such a big target. And while I also like some of the supporting players, I have grown weary of the ludicrous way the show presents Caruso as Super Horatio. And when they killed his wife about 10 minutes into their marriage last season... beyond predictable. They've been pulling that trick on TV since the days of Little Joe on the Ponderosa (and that's when I stopped watching Bonanza). The fact that so many still watch the show so slavishly, to the point where it's a potential show killer for any ambitious series (like, perhaps, this season's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) that dares to go up against it, is why I use my critical voice for an occasional reality check. CSI: Miami isn't a terrible show, like Criminal Minds for instance (and now I get to hear from those fans), but given the way it has developed in the last season or so, it doesn't deserve such crazy popularity, and certainly not any accolades.