Question: What'd you think of the latest episode of Alias (the last one before the break for Jennifer Garner's maternity leave)? I've been rather critical of the show (even if I'm still horribly addicted and would never give it up), but this episode, featuring flashbacks to "classic" Alias moments, blew me away. For the first time this season, I'm excited to see the next episode —which is, naturally, months away. Kudos to the producers for keeping the secret of who is behind Prophet 5 so well kept (at least Lena Olin wasn't credited). Can we expect the same quality for the last 13 episodes of the series? Wouldn't it be great for Alias to go out on top, after these years of hailing its past brilliance?
Answer: That really was a terrific episode — creatively structured, suspenseful, harking back to the show's emotional core. And the Lena Olin reveal was remarkable, on its own merits and also because I didn't have a clue it was coming. In this age of spoilers, that really is a refreshing change. I wish that would become the norm, not the exception. (I promise to keep entirely mum regarding the twists in the first four hours of 24 until after the two-part opener goes off the air Jan. 16. And I'm not kidding.) And here's Kari's assessment of the same episode, which I pretty much agree with, final speculation aside, so I'll let it go without comment: "I thought it was the best ep of this season. Why? Mainly, because we got back to what made Alias the gem it is: Syd (and Vaughn), Mama and Papa, SD6 (now connected to Prophet 5), and the episode cliff-hanger. What a nice payoff/treat for the loyal fans who got to see the key/poignant moments in Syd and Vaughn's lovely relationship in flashbacks. And Lena Olin — need I say more? And what about Papa Bristow on the warpath? And a bit of hope that Vaughn is still alive (not just in Syd's head) with the memorable and often-quoted (though maybe too often in this ep) line: 'I'll find you. We always find each other.' I say it's Mama who snatched Vaughn away to bring him back for the finale's happy ending."