Question: Thanks to you, a boring Sunday turned into a 10-hour Dexter marathon. Showtime On Demand had the first 10 episodes. I planned on watching only the first one. Really. Ten hours later it was 9:30 pm, and I couldn't wait for Episode 11 to start at 10. OK, so I knew Rudy was the Ice-truck Killer as soon as he asked Deb out, but why quibble? What great characters. And it's nice to see so many familiar faces. It was a real kick to look them all up and realize "that's where I know him from!" Dexter has what every great show has: a great cast and great writers. I never would have watched it at all if it weren't for your mentioning it in your columns. Please tell me there will be a Season 2!
Answer: Ah, another convert. My job is done. I will use this rave as an excuse to remind everyone that the wild season finale, in which more truths are revealed about the Ice-truck Killer and Dexter's own personal psychopathy, airs this Sunday night. If you've watched it this far, you won't want to miss it, and I'd be surprised if fans find it disappointing. (I'd read the books and was still wowed.) As for a second season: absolutely. Dexter is by all accounts Showtime's most popular series, and I'm not going to be the only one anxiously awaiting its return.