Question: Now that Sci Fi has picked up the original season of Firefly, and the movie Serenity (which I've seen, and love) is set to hit box offices far and wide Sept. 30, what are the chances of Sci Fi making new episodes of the series? I think I read that Joss Whedon closed down his production company, Mutant Enemy, but could he reopen it if Sci Fi wanted to do a new season? Ultimately, I'd guess much of it comes down to rights issues. Did I read that the same company that is doing the movie also owns Sci Fi, and if so would that make a revival more plausible? I do hope it has a chance of being a series again someday (even if after a couple of more movies), and I think it would make a great permanent addition to Sci Fi's Friday-night lineup. Sorry to be long-winded, but I always appreciate your support of and insight into Whedon's shows (and other great underdogs)! Thanks!
Answer: I know a lot of people are anxious to see how Serenity does (especially the brains behind Farscape) so they can gauge the market for defunct TV shows becoming movies, and vice versa. If Serenity is a big hit, who knows where that will lead? But I would be surprised if it leads back to TV, even though NBC-Universal, which owns Sci Fi, is also the producer of Serenity (although Firefly was produced by another TV studio). It's beyond me to follow this corporate trail, or to comment on Joss Whedon's desire or ability to return to TV (let it be soon), but it seems that a series of movies, whether for big-screen, video/DVD or TV, is more likely than churning out a new batch of weekly episodes.