Question: [Quoting from my Dec. 12 column]: "Pasadena's quick fade means that it probably had little to do with the genesis of Housewives, but watching it now, it clearly was ahead of its time. If it were being pitched and produced today, chances are it might actually have succeeded." So why not recast it (or keep as much as the original cast as possible — I bet Dana Delany needs the work) and put it back on the air? Fox could start with a shot-for-shot remake of the original 13 scripts, or a "reimagining" of the original scripts, or completely new scripts that keep the same premise, the same characters and the same tone. Networks pour millions into new shows, most of which fail, so why not bring back Pasadena, which failed before but would likely succeed now? I don't understand why networks only try ideas once. Memo to Fox: Resurrect Pasadena!
Answer: First off, Dana Delany (one of my all-time faves, dating back to the China Beach glory days) is back at work already, cast in the promising-sounding Kidnapped pilot for NBC (sounds like it could be next season's Prison Break). Remaking Pasadena without her is unthinkable. But honestly, it's a pipe dream to think that something this far under the radar would get a second life, even if thematically it makes sense. And given the letters I'm still getting in the wake of Reunion's cancellation, the very idea of Fox testing the waters of a risky soap opera would be treated with scorn and skepticism, and probably minimal viewership. Love the idea, though. The most inspired letter of the week.