I recently watched the first episode of Jack & Bobby, which was included as a DVD in an entertainment magazine. First, I really enjoyed the drama and fear that I may have to abandon my "I will never again watch the evil WB because they canceled Angel" stance. What do you think of this strategy? I was surprised that WB would send out a DVD of a pilot episode to the viewing public prior to the series premiere. Has this been done before? Because in my case, it just may have worked. — Maria

The greatest hurdle any new show faces in these competetive times is to get sampled. If that means making the pilot available in a free insert, or to be downloaded off the Internet (which is also happening), all the better if it gets the attention of people like yourself even before it premieres. I don't know if it's a first — I've seen teasers released like this, but not entire episodes — but if it helps increase awareness and interest in Jack & Bobby, it couldn't happen to a better, nicer show. And while I empathize with your resolve to boycott WB, this series is a good argument for getting over it.