Question: Oh, my Lord in Heaven, this is the worst thing I've ever seen. Earth, Wind & Fire?? Ellen DeGeneres not funny?? Brad Garrett over Jeremy Piven? William Shatner??? The Emmys are soooo over. It's only 42 minutes in and I'm screaming at my TV. OK, Donald Trump in overalls is something but.... The pacing is completely off. It's almost moribund. Please, Matt, what is going on? Are the Emmy voters all 85 now? I'm no spring chicken. I'm 53 years old, for god's sake. Hugh Jackman over Jon Stewart??? This is one of the worst and stupidest things I've ever seen. This may be my last year watching this travesty.
Answer: I liked this rant because it’s almost bloggish and pretty well describes how I felt watching an East Coast feed from a Los Angeles hotel in the company of colleagues and invited guests (all of whose jaws dropped multiple times). Thankfully, TV Guide hosted an awesome after-party, and many movers and shakers came, including much of the Lost cast and crew, celebrating their win, so by the time the night was over, I’d almost forgotten what a bummer the show was.