Question: Matt, first off, nice seeing you on Charlie Rose. I hope you and he might sit down and have an extended conversation some time. Secondly, as regards the moving of Bones to Friday, I think the reason fans are so alarmist can be summed up in two words: Firefly and Wonderfalls. I know that's how I feel.
Answer: Thanks for the Charlie Rose nod. That panel was fun, and once Charlie is fully recovered in his seat, it would be an honor to talk TV with him at length, should the opportunity arise. As for Bones moving to Friday next mid-season (should that even happen, which I'm skeptical about), I understand the trepidation regarding any good Fox show being shipped to that death slot. But keep in mind that Bones is a much more mainstream show than either Firefly or Wonderfalls, which would have been a risk on any night in any time period (except maybe after American Idol, and even then, imagine how bad they would look if they lost too much of the lead-in). Bones could work for Fox the way Numbers or Close to Home works for CBS. The numbers wouldn't be as good as on a weeknight, no doubt, but if Fox moves ahead with this mid-season plan, it's not going to decide Bones' fate solely on its Friday performance. It's not that it wouldn't be fair — it wouldn't make sense. (I know, when has that mattered?) Still, nothing to worry about just yet, please.