Question: First we had Kiefer Sutherland on 24, then Dominic Monaghan on Lost, and this season we have Dennis Hopper on E-Ring and Geena Davis on Commander in Chief. With box-office sales continuing to plummet, do you think more and more big-name actors/actresses will turn to the small screen instead?
Answer: If they're lucky, and if the show is right for them. Actors would be lucky to find movie roles as rich and rewarding as the best of series TV can offer, especially in this robust age for drama on the networks and, especially, the crème of the cable crop (HBO, FX, maybe Showtime). But there's a risk in this. If a deal is made for a star first, and then a show is built around him or her, the results are usually disastrous. TV is much better at creating stars through shows, as opposed to launching shows around stars.