Question: I've recently discovered that I have psychic powers of prediction. Here is my prediction for March 2005: Prison Break will return on Fox. The ratings will be abysmal. Longtime viewers will get to see the end of Season 1 (thankfully) but the show will not continue. I've seen it happen before. Remember how Farscape's ratings dropped after Sci Fi pulled it off of the air for seven straight months without reruns (four episodes from the end of Season 3)? Nine-tenths of TV viewers — and it seems like ten-tenths of Nielsen families — are creatures of habit. How many people still care after a hiatus that long? The answer: only the die-hards — the ones who suffer again and again when networks pull this dren. What's your opinion on my psychic forecast?
Answer: Sorry to burst your crystal ball, but I think Prison Break will do just fine when it returns. Yes, it's a long break, but not as long as initially rumored, and Fox will go all out promoting the one-two punch of a Prison Break-24 action night starting in March. Given where the story was left hanging, it won't take much to get the shows' fan bases caught up in the action. There will be a huge desire to see how the escape plan plays out, and pairing these episodes with 24 is genius. But then, I could be wrong. Maybe 24 will be a letdown this year, and that could depress the numbers for Prison Break upon its return. Not that I truly believe that for an instant. (As for how Prison Break fares in a second season — and I believe there will be one — is anyone's guess.)