Question: I've read that ABC will most definitely pick up Scrubs if NBC passes on it this year. While this is great news considering ABC could actually advertise the show and give it a good time slot, what are the prospects that it gets paired with ABC's only other good comedy, Sons & Daughters? That show improves episode to episode and deserves a shot to not be on an island by itself up against a two-hour-long American Idol. Even if it doesn't get paired with Scrubs, does it have a shot to come back next year? None of ABC's other comedies are any good, and I'm sure they don't have enough good comedies in pilot production to fill the void.
Answer: Sadly, I think last week's episodes were probably the last we'll see of Sons & Daughters, unless there's a miracle. The numbers were very low and got worse week to week — not surprising for a challenging, unconventional comedy that many weeks took such dramatic and poignant twists it had me near tears, even as I laughed. Airing episodes back-to-back was a terrible miscalculation. Even popular, commercial comedies rarely work programmed that way. So if Scrubs does move to ABC, it probably won't have a companion piece this distinguished, unless it's very very lucky. Which brings me to this question from Leonard:

"You've discussed repeatedly your disgust for NBC's horrible mistreatment of Scrubs, which is actually enjoying its best season yet creatively. You've also mentioned how there is a good chance that ABC would pick it up if NBC were low enough to cancel it. USA Today is reporting the same thing. I've always hoped that NBC would renew it and that that would not be an issue, but I've now shifted my thinking and started to hope that it will move to ABC. What's your thinking, Matt? If this happens, will ABC welcome its corporate brother with open arms, and (more importantly) treat it with the respect, visibility, and plum time period it deserves?"

If ABC does get Scrubs (which, given all of the media discussion about this possible move, makes me worry that NBC will renew it out of spite and keep killing it with benign neglect), I'm sure it will enjoy great promotion and be as protected as possible. But ABC does not have a great bench of comedy with which to surround Scrubs, so it may still struggle despite ABC's best efforts. Because these days, ABC's best efforts at comedy just aren't good enough (or, in the case of Sons & Daughters, popular enough). Which is why it's probably good news that ABC is shaking up its comedy executive ranks.