William Fichtner and Eddie Cibrian, Invasion
Question: Invasion just keeps getting better. After excellent episodes of Alias and Lost, Invasion ends up topping them all, in my opinion. I could seriously feel the storm growing through the TV set — what a great, chilling, suspenseful story that's been unraveling over the course of this season. The thought of not seeing it back next season is the only thing that terrifies me more than an underwater hybrid army. I need Invasion Season 2, or at least a fully realized end to this story!
Answer: I certainly agree with this (well, maybe not Invasion topping Lost), but since it isn't exactly a question, here's this from Chris: "I just want to say that I love your column. I just wonder if ABC is bringing back Invasion. I am starting to really get into the show but I was also into Sons & Daughters until ABC canceled it. So what does the future of Invasion look like?"

I don't want to give false hope here, but what I'm hearing is that the collapse of Commander in Chief (which ABC pulled from the schedule last week for the remainder of the season) might have opened up a slot for Invasion to get a reprieve for a second season. But it's still going to be an uphill climb if it gets renewed, depending on where the show airs (probably not after Lost anymore). And I fear if it doesn't regain some viewers and then retain them, it could fall victim to the sophomore curse and not make it to the end of its next story arc. The good news is that Invasion will at least spring to the finish this season in thrilling fashion (bookending the season with hurricanes serving as a cover for hybrid invasions was pretty nifty). In my recent blog item, I raved about that image from last week in which we saw all the hybrids submerged, waiting to be called into action. How very creepy. Bottom line: As with so many questions being raised this time of year, we just won't know this show's fate until the networks officially set their fall schedules next week.