Will Kirby, Big Brother
Question: I'm worried about Big Brother: All-Stars. Half of the proposed candidates are unintelligent goofs just added to the list for their good looks or idiotic behavior. I'm hoping that people will choose to vote for some of the interesting, competitive and intelligent (albeit devious) players from the past (i.e., Will, James, Kaysar, Danielle, Janelle). Any chance you can post this, so that I can get your readers on my side and start a revolution for a reality show that doesn't have to rely on the village idiots for its success? Do you think this is even possible?
Answer: Consider it done, for what it's worth. But really, how do you distinguish the idiots on this ridiculous show? (For the record, you're not exactly barking up the tree of a Big Brother fan. Kind of the contrary.) I can think of few phrases more oxymoronic than "Big Brother: All-Stars." What a pathetic collection of narcissistic never-were has-beens. But taking it at face value, my main puzzlement is why the show would allow past winners to get back in the game. Yes, Will was a cunning player, but he won already. Why let his smug face back in front of the camera? And Lisa? Nap time! For the sake of those who actually like BB, I hope the votes go to people with actual personality and an interesting hook (like, say, letting Marcellas atone for the mistake that got him booted) rather than the smarmy likes of Alison. Just the fact that I know some of these names and backstories is enough to give me hives.