Question: I'd like to back up Kelly H.'s comments about watching a movie with objectionable words or gratuitous nude scenes edited out. I personally don't want to hear the F-bomb, and Kelly made an astute point in saying that Deadwood and The Sopranos would probably have a wider appeal were it not for the profanity. I don't agree that PAX programming was insipid, though, because Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye and especially Hope Island are on my list of favorite shows ever, along with State of Grace, Homefront and Now and Again, which never resorted to profanity  to attract interest. Plus, I could watch them with my kids. Even shows like Firefly, Wonderfalls and Veronica Mars, which are aimed at viewers who are teens and up, are well-crafted and engaging without the lewd content that CSI seems so intent on. I love the show, but some weeks, I can't handle watching it. (I admit that I am a Desperate Housewives fan — I just watch it when my kids are in bed.) Family-friendly viewing and interesting, entertaining shows shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive.
Answer: How could I deny a fellow Homefront fan a chance to revisit this discussion? Plus, your last sentence makes such an important point I'd like to repeat it: "Family-friendly viewing and interesting, entertaining shows shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive." So true. How many episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond were rated "G," but still managed to deliver some of the most grown-up, relatable humor you could find on TV in a given week or even year? There is a time and place for adult-oriented programming on TV, but there's no shame in providing an occasional safe haven with shows that don't necessarily have to be dumbed down to appeal to all ages.

And here's another twist on this topic, from KC: "Regarding Kelly H.'s comments on vulgar language on network TV, this is a great example of 'moderation in all things.' While I agree with her on Deadwood and The Sopranos, where every other word seems to start with 'F' whether it needs to or not, there are some movies that have been shown on TV that are just awful censored. For instance, TBS used to show Smokey and the Bandit quite frequently. But when Jackie Gleason said 'scum bum' instead of his slurred version of 'SOB,' I turned it off. A well-placed S-bomb or F-word, in my opinion, is not offensive, and I think the networks are running way too scared since Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl, and the FCC is out of control in clamping down on them. It's OK for people like Kelly H. to have 'moral' objections to excessive profanity, but c'mon... some things are just not funny without just the right word. Like I said, moderation in all things." Words to live by — in moderation, of course.