Question: Did Diane Farr sign on to Numbers before or after she shot the season finale of Rescue Me? Is her character written off at the end of this season, or will her disappearance be explained at the beginning of next season? David E. Kelley is notorious for writing out characters between seasons with no explantion (Lara Flynn Boyle, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Taye Diggs, to name a few). Now that ABC held onto the last five episodes of Boston Legal and they will run into Season 2, will he explain the absence of Tara and Lori?
Answer: Without wanting to get too deep into the why and how so as not to have any surprises ruined for me or you, it's fair to say that Diane Farr knew she was taking a new gig before production wrapped on Rescue Me this season, so her character's fate will be resolved on or by the Sept. 13 finale. With Boston Legal, there was some retooling of the episodes left over from last season to incorporate some of the show's new characters as well as to lay the groundwork for the departure of Monica Potter and Rhona Mitra (who is very much a part of Nip/Tuck's season opener — ironically, premiering in the same time period on the same night). Both Tara and Lori will be seen in at least the first two episodes of the season.

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