Question: Why, on Close to Home, was Annabeth's husband killed? What is wrong with a show that has a loving couple raising a child in a stable environment? It appears that the writers think they have to kill someone on every show for their big climax. Why not kill her baby daughter in the new opening show so she can date freely? This ending of her husband dying was also my end with this show.
Answer: Not having watched this particular finale (in fact, the show is pretty much off my radar), at first I thought this was a joke. But I confirmed with an editor who's plugged into the show, and, yes, they actually killed off Annabeth's husband (Angel's Christian Kane) in the finale. I've been told the show is revamping for Year 2, and that seems obvious by this extreme (to me premature in this show's life) decision. I've gone on record defending a show's right to kill major characters, but after the carnage of the May sweeps, I can't help but agree this looks like one too many. One of the few things that set this show apart was its home environment. This twist should make the show even easier to ignore on Fridays this fall.