Question: Close to Home was not among the shows that CBS recently announced it would be renewing. What do you think its chances are of coming back? And why do they waste the brilliant, extremely talented (not to mention very handsome) Christian Kane with just one or two very brief appearances? He should suit up, become Lindsey McDonald again and challenge Annabeth in court!
Answer: Oh, an Angel fan, are you? Maybe they could give him a twin brother who's a litigator and your wish could come true. But I wouldn't count on it. As for Close to Home's nonrenewal: That's probably more of a case of CBS already renewing so many hours for next season that it's just leaving its options open in case any of the hours in development look especially promising. Close to Home was not a breakout when it aired on Tuesdays, and it has fared somewhat better in its hammock on Friday between Ghost Whisperer and the night's best show, Numbers. But if CBS finds a new show for next season that it considers a slam dunk, Close to Home is probably one of the more vulnerable shows now on CBS' very solid schedule. (And now that The Unit looks like an instant hit, the situation is probably even more iffy.)