Question: So if the strike continues too long, which shows will be screwed the most? Will they cancel 30 Rock, saying it never built an audience? What about some of the new shows this season? Will networks use the strike as an excuse to cancel "bubble" shows like Cane and Life? Basically what I'm asking is: If the strike goes on too long, will the networks just call this season a wash and start over in the fall?
Answer: I only wish I had a crystal ball to address these larger questions (fearing the actual answers, maybe it's just as well that I don't), but again, I don't think it's likely that NBC will use the strike as an excuse to cancel 30 Rock, which the network has stood behind despite its lousy ratings on Thursday. The situation seems more dire for new-season shows that were on the brink of cancellation even before the strike kicked in. It's entirely too early to know if the back half of the season is doomed. I certainly hope not, but there's not a great deal of optimism coming from the front lines of this battle.