Chuck Chuck

Fear not, Chuck fans: Yvonne Strahovski doesn't believe in the Moonlighting curse.

Even though Strahovski's Sarah recently got engaged to Chuck (Zachary Levi), the actress believes NBC's spy drama won't suffer the same fate as Moonlighting, the '80s sitcom that famously fell apart when Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd's main characters finally hooked up.

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"It's often the death of the show when you break the tension and the two lead characters get together," Strahovski tells "We've created a new dynamic [that's] slightly Mr. & Mrs. Smith in a way. It's a healthy union for our show. ... I like the fact that we're together."

But that doesn't mean the happy couple won't face some challenges. In particular, Sarah, who has forsaken having a family for the more adventurous life as a hardened spy, will battle some major adjustment issues as she begins to settle down.

"Ever since Chuck and Sarah finally got together, I feel like Sarah has been becoming more normal," Strahovski says. "From Season 1, she's struggled with that. She's really been about being a spy and her family life hasn't been exactly normal either."

Agreeing to Chuck's proposal is just the first step in normality for Sarah, who would rather be off on missions than planning the impending nuptials. "Sarah is still learning how to plan a wedding," Strahovski says. "Ellie [Sarah Lancaster], Chuck's sister, is a real girl and knows how to do all that stuff, whereas Sarah is a total dork and has no idea. [She] doesn't really get as excited about it, which is a problem. She loves Chuck, but Sarah hasn't started caring about planning the wedding. That might change."

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Because Sarah doesn't have a large family like her fiancé, Chuck will go on the hunt to find people from her past to be a part of their celebration. "He discovers that she used to have a cat squad," Strahovski says of Monday's episode, which includes the return appearance of Carina (Mini Anden). "Later on in the season, we might go back and revisit Sarah's past in terms of family stuff."

As for when the actual wedding will take place, Strahovski says she hasn't seen a script yet. But she says the anticipation of potentially wearing a wedding dress is as exciting as putting on the engagement ring each day for shooting.

"I have moments of panic when I'm driving home because I realize I'm not wearing the engagement ring, and I go, 'Oh, where's my ring?!'" she says with a laugh. "And then I realize it's not really my ring."

Chuck airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.